About the Romanian Fiber Optic Awards:

The  RFO Awards 2020 are at the first edition and they are recognising the outstanding support that have given to the acceleration of Fiber Optic deployments in Romania.


The Awards

The first edition of awards has 5 categories:

  1. Fiber Optic Networks –  The 2019 best project implemented or under progress with the biggest impact for telecom industry is given to an operator company that has made a clear decision in favor of Fiber Optic market in Romania. The winner will be selected not only based on the size of the network deployed and the amount of investment made but also on specific factors such as the economic, political and competitive environment and/or the company’s enthusiasm for driving FTTH roll-out.
  2. Fiber Optic active device – The active device for fiber optic in 2019 award honors a Producer who impacted the speed of communications on fiber optic networks in Romania
  3. Education on Fiber Optic in Romania – This Award is going to compensate the company/university/school who did a Course or Training on Fiber Optic with the highest market impact in Romania.
  4. Young talent in fiber optic from Romania – This Award honors an individual young employee/entrepreneur for his/her special efforts dedicated in fiber optic projects in Romania; a technician who has implemented a new technology solution for FTTH.
  5. Expat of the year in fiber optic – This Award honors one foreign person living in Romania for a company and working in industry with good results and performances for the company and for his colleagues.

The Winners

The winners of each award will be presented at the Romanian Fiber Optic Conference 2020 on 4th of March in Bucharest.

The winner of each category will receive an award trophy.

The jury is composed from one representant from each AFOR members and they will evaluate all submissions within 18th to 25th of February, 2020 and they will choose the winners.


Nomination form